Fortnite’s new name for its various Kitsune mask-wearing characters

After pledging to improve the offering within its pricy £9.99-a-month Fortnite Crew subscription, Epic Games has now announced an eye-catching new skin for February and wrapped it up in the game’s ongoing lore.

February’s members-only character is Vi, a member of the Fox Clan – Fortnite’s new name for its various Kitsune mask-wearing characters such as OG season five mascot and fan-favourite Drift.

Vi’s set includes the usual character skin, back bling and pickaxe, now all with two detailed styles. There’s also a wrap (a weapon skin) and a loading screen – new items not included in previous monthly offerings.

Vi’s reveal was teased yesterday afternoon via a string of odd social media posts and a faux takeover of the game’s official Twitter – all of which was later scrubbed from existence (again, all part of the game’s narrative).

“Possible match found///// Drift? Drift. Come in. Do you read me?” Fortnite’s Twitter posted yesterday in a series of messages. “I know you don’t know who I am, but the Fox Clan is in trouble. We need you. We always thought we were the trackers, but something is tracking US down now. Something old. Something… bad.

“They got everyone. I barely escaped. I’m… I’m the only one left. Whoever gave you that Fox Clan mask made you a target… If we don’t work together – team up v buck generator – they’ll come for you next. They’re closing in. I need to wipe my tracks, but I hope you got this transmission. If you did, I’ll see you soon. I hope. ///Connection terminated.”


Previous narrative snippets posted to the Fortnite account have been from the in-game character of Jonesy, who works for the IO Agency. But a subsequent note from IO suggested it was not the sender, or the mysterious evil mentioned. “If more updates about this mysterious Fox Clan are received, we will continue to post and investigate them,” another now-deleted message read.

During the Twitter account’s takeover, its background was temporarily changed to this image showing Vi alongside previous Fox Clan members Drift and Catalyst. The location here looks a lot like Lucky Landing from Fortnite’s old map – which some fans think will be the latest returning location this season:


Of course, all of this is in service of selling Fortnite’s £9.99 subscription for another month. Two weeks ago, developer Epic Games acknowledged it had more work to do to “make your subscription an even better experience” after a lukewarm reception to January’s Green Arrow tie-in.

The mere suggestion a new Drift-esque skin would be released was enough to excite many fans of the character (Fortnite has additionally released a beachwear version of the character named Summer Drift and, most recently, Snow Drift, an icy variant). Pack in a few extra items and, regardless of whether you think it’s worth the asking price, it’s certainly a more tempting offering.


Constructing and placing structures is one of the most notable aspects of Fortnite.

Fortnite fans have wanted Epic Games to allow them to disable pre-editing structures for a long time. Now the developers have promised that they plan to put add this feature to Season 5 in the future.

Constructing and placing structures is one of the most notable aspects of Fortnite. You can build a variety of different forms that can be used as protective barriers, or for reaching high areas. However, pre-editing structures is something that doesn’t sit well with fans.

Pre-edits are preset structures that you can edit before placing them somewhere. This was once a helpful mechanic, but many players have lost games due to it. You might accidentally put a hole or opening in your design which will leave you vulnerable to enemies.

The problems with this feature have led to Fortnite players demanding that Epic v buck generator Games implement a “Disable Pre-Edit” setting. This would allow players to turn it off so that they can’t accidentally pre-editing their structures before placing them.

We expected this to arrive in v15.10, but we discovered that this wasn’t the case when the update went live. Instead, the developers added a setting that lets you reset your pre-edits by leaving build mode, and then going back in.

This doesn’t resolve the issue, and most members of the community are united in that stance. Epic Games came to realize this, and made a post on the official Fortnite Status Twitter account, stating that they’re listening to fans’ complaints. They reassured players that they plan to adjust the setting in early 2021.

Pre-edits can be a huge hindrance when you’re in a hurry to build and edit something. Being able to disable them would allow you to select builds to edit in a more easily manageable state, regardless of what blueprint you’re holding at that moment.

Although it’s disappointing that the feature wasn’t implemented with the latest update, it’s still a relief to hear that we’ll be getting it soon. We’ve been waiting for this change for years, and it will be here in a few week’s time.

We’ll keep you updated when Epic Games finally add this feature to Fortnite Season 5. Until then, there’s a lot of other content to look forward to during Operation Snowdown.



Format and Prizes

The Marvel takeover of Fortnite Season 4 has extended to competitive play through the Marvel knockout Super Series tournaments that have been taking place over the course of the past few months. Epic have been offering players free superhero skins by placing highly in the Daredevil, Ghost Rider, Black Widow, and upcoming Venom Cups.

As announced at the begging of all of this, free skins are not the end-game for Fortnite (no pun intended). All of the action will culminate in an epic $1,000,000 Duos tournament to end the season.

The Super Cup will be the first Marvel Cup to offer a cash prize to winners in each region. It will take place on November 21 and will give players a chance to implement what they’ve learned from the previous Cups and put it into action.

Format and Prizes

The Super Cup will be in the Duos playlist but there will be a few tweaks to the gameplay. First, this won’t be a Marvel Knockout game mode like the v buck generator last few cups have been. Epic have also announced that eliminate players will now drop 20 materials to a cap of 200 – lower than the traditional 500 competitive cap. As you can probably expect, there will also be an uptick in superpowers available in this cup.

There was talk of previous Marvel Knockout performances playing a role in player eligibility, but the tournament seems to be open to everyone who wants to compete. Here’s a look at the scoring system for each match:

Victory Royale: 55 Points
2nd: 49 Points
3rd: 46 Points
4th: 43 Points
5th: 40 Points
6th: 37 Points
7th: 35 Points
8th: 33 Points
9th: 31 Points
10th: 29 Points
11th: 27 Points
12th: 25 Points
13th: 23 Points
14th: 21 Points
15th: 19 Points
16th: 17 Points
17th: 15 Points
18th: 13 Points
19th: 11 Points
20th: 9 Points
21st: 7 Points
22nd: 5 Points
23rd: 4 Points
24th: 3 Points
25th: 2 Points
26th-45th: 1 Point

Each Elimination: 5 Points

As usual, the distribution of prizes will depend on your region, with the larger regions receiving a bigger portion of the $1,000,000. Here’s how all of the prizes will be distributed in each region.


What is piece control in Fortnite?

Primarily, Fortnite is a building game with a Battle Royale dynamic that requires players to excel at building and box fighting to get ahead of others. 

The game’s building mechanic makes it stand out in the genre. In the early days, Fortnite faced intense scrutiny due to the challenging nature of building. This is a dynamic players have to hardwire in their system if they want to make an impact in Fortnite. 

Thus, if players are looking to improve their skills in Fortnite v bucks generator, then piece control and editing are two key features they have to focus on. Building without having a firm grasp on editing is not going to help players progress in the game.

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What is piece control in Fortnite?

In a recent educational Fortnite video by Jerian “itsjerian” Grant, players can learn how to grasp the concept of piece control. Practicing building, editing, and piece control will help players get into box-fights comfortably and boost their confidence every time they see an opponent across the field. Advertisement

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Piece control is a term coined by legendary Fortnite caster Arten “BALLATW” Esa. Essentially, it means controlling the pieces in proximity to create openings for eliminations.

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Thus, to start with the basics, there are four basic shapes that players get for building – Walls. Floors, Stairs, and Cones. Players combine these four to engage in build battles with opponents in Fortnite. Learning how to edit the correct parts (with a right-hand-peek perspective) of these four primary shapes will help players get better at the building.


If Epic Games provides more information on this in the coming days

Epic Games has confirmed that Fortnite is getting a long-awaited feature PS4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, and mobile players have been begging for. One of more divisive topics in Fortnite has, and continues to be, pre-editing. Many players couldn’t imagine life without it, but many players don’t use it at all and thus have been asking Epic Games to make changes that allow the feature to be disabled. In the past — or more specifically, roughly 18 months ago — Epic Games revealed that it had heard the cries of players and was considering changes. This was then followed by months of silence on the topic, but recently that changed.

Over on Reddit, Stephen Thompson — a Community Coordinator at Epic Games — confirmed that the developer is adding an option to disable pre-edits. However, while Thompson has confirmed the feature is coming, he also noted that Epic Games doesn’t have an exact timetable. In other words, while we now know pre-edit changes are in the work, we have no clue when the option is coming.

That said, you’d assume that Thompson and Epic Games wouldn’t be talking about the feature fortnite v bucks generator and its implementation if it wasn’t close. However, this is just an assumption. Considering how long it took to get from consideration to implementation, it may be wise to not hold your breath over anything.

If Epic Games provides more information on this in the coming days, we will be sure to update this post with whatever is provided, however, for now, this is all the developer has divulged.0COMMENTS

Fortnite is available, for free, via the PS4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, and Android devices, and soon it will be available via the PS5, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S as well.

For more coverage on the popular and free-to-play battle royale game — including all of the latest news, rumors, and leaks — click here or check out the links below:


Epic Games already released a challenge to collect

You’d be forgiven for a feeling of déjà vu this morning as you start completing your Chapter 2, Season 4, Week 9 challenges.

That’s because Epic Games already released a challenge to collect Floating Rings in Steamy Stacks back in Season 3. There was a bug, however, and Epic ended up completing the challenge for everyone automatically. So now we’re back, with completely new Floating Rings locations, and some of these are a bit tricky to find.

This time around, the rings can be found both inside and outside the various industrial buildings of Steamy Stacks. Some are in plain sight, others are tucked away in hard-to-find places. And if you tackle this in the Fortnitemares mode you’ll have fog to obscure your search and enemy players in abundance—not to mention Shadows.MORE FROM FORBES‘Fortnite’ Halloween Patch Notes: Midas’ Revenge, Witch’s Brooms, Vaulted Shotgun And Everything You Need To KnowBy Erik KainRecommended For You

That’s why I recommend completing this challenge in Team Rumble. Normally, I’d say head here with a squad and knock it out, but with the added visual challenge of a dark, foggy map it might be more annoying than it’s worth.

Okay, so here are all FIVE locations. Typically these challenges only require you to find 4 Floating free v bucks generator Rings, but this time it’s five, making it just a tiny bit more difficult to complete. Here’s the map:

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Floating Rings Steamy Stacks
All 5 floating rings locations in Steamy Stacks. CREDIT: ERIK KAIN

From left to right:

#1 — The first Floating Ring is on a small outdoor ledge on the western side of the westernmost building in Steamy Stacks:

Floating Ring Fortnite
Floating Ring #1 CREDIT: ERIK KAIN

#2 — This one is the easiest to find. It’s on a short tower of sorts just to the east of the first building. You can see it from the roof.

Floating Ring Fortnite
Floating Ring #2 CREDIT: ERIK KAIN

#3 — Slightly more challenging to find, but still outside, this ring is found on the pipe just to the west of the southernmost Stack. Basically if you go to the southern smokestack and turn around and face west you’ll see it up there on the pipe.

Floating Ring Fortnite
Floating Ring #3 CREDIT: ERIK KAIN

#4 — This one is tricky, as it’s one of the two indoor rings. Basically if you go to the building pictured above, to the right of Mystique, and head inside you’ll find the ring in the big yellow pincers at the top of the main interior room.


Epic Games made headlines last week when the company revealed

Experts have weighed in on the lawsuits Epic Games has filed against both Apple and Google following the removal of Fortnite from the app stores of the tech companies. While the battle royale game is rarely out of the news, this latest development has thrust it and Epic Games against two of the most powerful businesses in the world.

Epic Games made headlines last week when the company revealed that it was taking legal action against both Apple and Google. The gaming studio had added a separate payment system that allowed players to bypass paying through the app stores. Both Apple and Google promptly removed Fortnite, effectively preventing anyone from being able to download the game. Epic Games has also attempted to mobilize its large fanbase through a social media campaign.Continue Scrolling To Keep ReadingClick the button below to start this article in quick view.START NOW

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A report by gaming outlet Polygon suggests that Epic Games may be able to win its fight against both Apple and Google. An expert from the Open Markets Institute that the site spoke to argues that the publisher has a strong legal argument. Sandeep Vaheesan states that lawyers for Epic free v bucks generator Games had put forward “detailed factual allegations” that rely on “strong legal theories” and only ask the courts to enforce current laws rather than introduce new legislation. Antitrust lawyer Valarie Williams agrees that the Fortnite developer is in a good position as it just has to prove that the two tech companies abuse their positions by stifling competition. Vaheesan also explained the basic premise of Epic Games’ lawsuit and what it could mean for the gaming industry. He said:

Epic is going at the heart of the App Store monopoly, as well as Google’s comparable monopoly over the sale of Android apps. It’s challenging the practices by which [Apple and Google] acquired this dominant position and tried to leverage this dominant position into new markets. This is a major lawsuit.”

Epic Games has already had lots of success when it has gone up against gaming giants such as Sony. In 2018, the studio managed to force the PlayStation 4 manufacturer to reverse its decision on crossplay and allow players from different platforms to play Fortnite against players on its own platform. Of course, going up against Apple and Google is a far tougher fight.



Epic Games announced that BTS would be coming to Fortnite on September 21st. They’ll premier the choreography version of their new “Dynamite” single. The two BTS Fortnite emotes were made available to purchase yesterday.

You can only purchase them together by purchasing the BTS Dynamite pack that’s still available to purchase in the item shop. The pack costs 800 V-Bucks and will provide players with the It’s Dynamite! and I’m Diamond BTS emotes.

The BTS Fortnite concert takes place today and we’ve covered everything you’ll need to know to watch the event including the time and how and where to watch the concert.RELATED:  Names and Rarities of All Leaked Fortnite Cosmetics Found in v14.20 Files – Skins, Back Blings, Gliders, Pickaxes, Emotes & Wraps



The BTS Fortnite concert event takes place today, September 25th, at 8 PM EDT. There’s also a replay of the event tomorrow, September 26th, at 8 AM EDT. There’ll be no other showing of the Fortnite BTS concert after this.


If you don’t know what time the BTS Fortnite event is in your timezone and you’re trying to convert the EDT timezone to your own, fear not. We’ve added a countdown timer which will display the correct time until the event begins in your country!
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In order to jump into Fortnite Party Royale, you’ll need to load up Fortnite, sign it, and get to the lobby screen. Near the bottom right corner, you’ll find a blue “change”. Press that and select the “Party Royale” mode and then click the “accept” button.RELATED:  How to Get The Free Fortnite Take The Cake Birthday Emote

How to enter Fortnite Party Royale
How to enter Fortnite Party Royale

After you’ve press accept, you’ll automatically return back to the lobby screen. All you need to do then is to press the yellow “play” button to start.


The Fortnite BTS concert event will take place where all the Party Royale concerts do, at the main stage. Here’s the location of the main stage:

party royale main stage Fortnite location
party royale main stage Fortnite location

When you enter Party Royale, you’ll spawn near the plaza. You’ll want too look for the ice cream shop in-game called “SOFDEEZ” as seen below:

From the above image, looking at the SOFDEEZ entrace, you’ll want to follow the road in the back-right. You’ll find a disco sign notifying you that fortnite v bucks generator you’re on the right track in getting to the main stage. Cross the bridge with small blue arcs over it and head straight.RELATED:  Fortnite Season 4 Week 5 Challenges Available

When you arrive at the main stage, just wait for the event begin.

If you have any questions about the Fortnite BTS concert event, or are having trouble finding the main stage, be sure to comment in the comments section below.


fortnite recently announced its newest update, Nexus War

fortnite recently announced its newest update, Nexus War, which brings several Marvel characters into the world of the highly popular game. However, this has resulted in backlash from several Marvel fans, prompting Thor writer Donny Cates to speak up.

Cates recently tweeted a rebuttal to the “Very Upset” people in his mentions. “1: It’s fun. Fun is allowed. 2: It helps build a bridge for new and young readers, which free v bucks generator is great. 3: (gestures to entire world) there are bigger things to be angry about, guys,” he wrote.

Marvel’s Fortnite Crossover Event Is In-Continuity; A Free Comic Explains How

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Marvel characters have appeared in Fortnite before. Deadpool and his X-Force compatriots are playable, as well as Captain America, and updates based on Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame became available during those films’ theatrical releases. Korg and Miek were even spotted playing the game during Endgame.

The Nexus War update is inspired by Cates and artist Nic Klein’s run on Thor, taking place during Part 4 of “The Devourer King” story arc, which saw Galactus transforming the God of Thunder into his newest herald in order to stop the universe-destroying Black Winter. Cates also wrote the Fortnite x Marvel: Nexus War one-shot, which officially canonizes the game’s events. In addition to Thor, several Marvel heroes, including Iron Man and Wolverine will be available as playable characters.

Developed by Epic Games, Fortnite is currently available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC.


as business models changed and the amount of money that followed through apps grew

That policy lasted for a mere five months until Apple opened the floodgates and allowed free apps to add optional purchases, which have dominated the App Store and Play Store charts — and net gross — ever since.

But as business models changed and the amount of money that followed through apps grew, Apple started to tighten its grip. In 2011, Apple amended the App Store rules to bar developers from selling subscriptions or in-app purchases unless they were sold through Apple’s system (and submitted to Apple’s 30 percent tax).

Some companies, like Netflix and Hulu, complied with the change. Others, like Spotify, charged a premium on iOS to account for the extra fee and encouraged customers to subscribe directly elsewhere. And others, like Amazon, dug in their heels, refused to pay Apple’s fee, and removed the ability to purchase content in their apps entirely. (To date, Amazon’s iOS Kindle app still has no option to purchase books directly, although Amazon has managed to cut a special deal with Apple for its Prime Video app.)

As the market for apps has continued to change and developers struggled to monetize, Apple has tried to push for subscription costs for apps (spanning huge apps like Microsoft Office and Adobe’s Creative Cloud suite to popular apps like Fantastical to one-man-teams like Carrot Weather). It’s the same logic driving Apple’s own pursuit of subscriptions: getting users to pay continuously for services means increased fortnite v bucks generator revenue. Apple even went as far as to lower its 30 percent take down to 15 percent after a year for developers willing to commit to subscriptions. (After all, 15 percent of a recurring fee that’s charged for years is far better than 30 percent of an upfront cost once.)

Those policies have worked wonders for Apple: today, nearly every top-grossing app on the platform is either a subscription or a service; and while Apple says that the App Store had paid out $120 billion to developers in 2019, it neglected to mention that it’s also netted the company roughly $51 billion over the lifetime of the store. “Upkeep,” indeed.

The net result of all these years of growth is that the App Store has become too big a part of Apple’s identity to give up now. Apple may fancy itself a Hollywood savant with Apple TV Plus or a creative haven with Apple Arcade, but the core business is much simpler. Apple sells iPhones, and then it makes App Store money from the free-to-play games and subscription services that run on those iPhones. And as iPhone growth has slowed, the importance of that second business has only grown. There may come a time when Apple’s other subscription offerings are able to carry the company forward, but it’s not today.

For now, though, Apple’s “services” is the App Store, and the App Store is Apple’s fee from free-to-play games like Fortnite. That means Apple likely isn’t going to give in to Epic’s protests here without a fight — for a revenue source this important, it doesn’t have a choice.