Epic Games made headlines last week when the company revealed

Experts have weighed in on the lawsuits Epic Games has filed against both Apple and Google following the removal of Fortnite from the app stores of the tech companies. While the battle royale game is rarely out of the news, this latest development has thrust it and Epic Games against two of the most powerful businesses in the world.

Epic Games made headlines last week when the company revealed that it was taking legal action against both Apple and Google. The gaming studio had added a separate payment system that allowed players to bypass paying through the app stores. Both Apple and Google promptly removed Fortnite, effectively preventing anyone from being able to download the game. Epic Games has also attempted to mobilize its large fanbase through a social media campaign.Continue Scrolling To Keep ReadingClick the button below to start this article in quick view.START NOW

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A report by gaming outlet Polygon suggests that Epic Games may be able to win its fight against both Apple and Google. An expert from the Open Markets Institute that the site spoke to argues that the publisher has a strong legal argument. Sandeep Vaheesan states that lawyers for Epic free v bucks generator Games had put forward “detailed factual allegations” that rely on “strong legal theories” and only ask the courts to enforce current laws rather than introduce new legislation. Antitrust lawyer Valarie Williams agrees that the Fortnite developer is in a good position as it just has to prove that the two tech companies abuse their positions by stifling competition. Vaheesan also explained the basic premise of Epic Games’ lawsuit and what it could mean for the gaming industry. He said:

Epic is going at the heart of the App Store monopoly, as well as Google’s comparable monopoly over the sale of Android apps. It’s challenging the practices by which [Apple and Google] acquired this dominant position and tried to leverage this dominant position into new markets. This is a major lawsuit.”

Epic Games has already had lots of success when it has gone up against gaming giants such as Sony. In 2018, the studio managed to force the PlayStation 4 manufacturer to reverse its decision on crossplay and allow players from different platforms to play Fortnite against players on its own platform. Of course, going up against Apple and Google is a far tougher fight.