What is piece control in Fortnite?

Primarily, Fortnite is a building game with a Battle Royale dynamic that requires players to excel at building and box fighting to get ahead of others. 

The game’s building mechanic makes it stand out in the genre. In the early days, Fortnite faced intense scrutiny due to the challenging nature of building. This is a dynamic players have to hardwire in their system if they want to make an impact in Fortnite. 

Thus, if players are looking to improve their skills in Fortnite v bucks generator, then piece control and editing are two key features they have to focus on. Building without having a firm grasp on editing is not going to help players progress in the game.

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What is piece control in Fortnite?

In a recent educational Fortnite video by Jerian “itsjerian” Grant, players can learn how to grasp the concept of piece control. Practicing building, editing, and piece control will help players get into box-fights comfortably and boost their confidence every time they see an opponent across the field. Advertisement

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Piece control is a term coined by legendary Fortnite caster Arten “BALLATW” Esa. Essentially, it means controlling the pieces in proximity to create openings for eliminations.

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Thus, to start with the basics, there are four basic shapes that players get for building – Walls. Floors, Stairs, and Cones. Players combine these four to engage in build battles with opponents in Fortnite. Learning how to edit the correct parts (with a right-hand-peek perspective) of these four primary shapes will help players get better at the building.